Say hello to our brand new brand Sassy Angel!!


Bringing you all the angel vibes, angel numbers, gratitude, manifestation and the law of attraction.


This is our first note pad, containing 50 high quality sheets, the most gorgeous colour palatte, and space for the following:

  • Things to do list - Tick off on the little hearts as you go
  • Gratitude for the day - Write down what you are grateful for today
  • Main goal for the day - Allows you to prioritise. If you get this one goal for the day done, even if you haven't finished your list, you are winning for the day


Be grateful for all that you have angels, enjoy the life you live, and raise your vibrational level to attract greater things into your wonderful lives.


I hope that you love this as much as I do and it brings you happiness and positivity.

Sassy Angel Gratitude To Do List