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Sick of seeing the same things in every women's clothing boutique? Us too.

We love our ladies collection, and we choose the best and highest quality clothing items for you, however we want to give you that unique Blossoms experience that you can't get anywhere else. 

So say hello to Blossoms Bespoke!!

A collection of bespoke items that we have added our own personal touch to. These are one off handmade clothing pieces and are a part of the Blossoms Bespoke collection. ​You can rest easy knowing that nobody will turn up to the party in the same outfit as this belongs to you and only you!! ​


If you look through our main collection and see anything you may want to give that extra personal touch to, then just drop us a whats app, email or DM to discuss your options.​ We also add frills and bling to your own clothing bought elsewhere so feel free to contact us and we are sure that we can help you get that lil somethin somethin you won't get anywhere else!!

Why not personalise your PJ's with your name or initials, or even lounge in the house in a set of feather pyjamas!